PLA HK Garrison open day receives 22,000 visitors on Day 1

China Military Online
Huang Panyue

By Ding Ziyi

HONG KONG, July 2 (ChinaMil) -- The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) opened its Shek Kong and San Wai Barracks to the Hong Kong residents on June 30. The two barracks received a total of 22,000 visitors on Saturday, the first day of the three-day barracks open day activity from June 30 to July 2 held by the Garrison.

On July 1, apart from the Shek Kong and San Wai Barracks, the Ngong Shuen Chau Barracks was also open to the Hong Kong residents. The Ngong Shuen Chau Barracks exclusively received young Hong Kong students on Monday.

The Open Day activities kicked off at the Shek Kong Barracks on the morning of June 30. Soldiers put on wonderful performances such as the military band performance, air-ground coordinated special operations demonstration, bayonet charge exercise and gun parade march. After that, over 60 special operations soldiers performed Chinese martial arts.

Besides watching performances by the soldiers, the visitors also had a close look at the army and air force equipment such as light weapons, reconnaissance vehicles and helicopters.

In the dining room of soldiers, some of the residents tasted the dishes and cakes made by army cooks .

The San Wai Barracks also welcomed a large chunk of local residents on Saturday afternoon. "This is my first time to have an up-close glimpse of the PLA soldiers, and I would like to salute our PLA soldiers!" said Student Yu from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong citizen surnamed Wang said: " Every visitor receives a gift bag in which there is a raincoat apart from other gifts, and we all put on the raincoats when it was raining just now, while the soldiers performed for us and stand guard without wearing raincoats."

Soldiers in military uniforms were seen everywhere talking with the visitors or answering their questions. Many visitors took selfies with the soldiers to keep the happy moments as a souvenir.

The PLA Hong Kong Garrison will hold the barracks open day activities every year since Hong Kong’s return to motherland, and in the past 21 years, the Garrison has opened its barracks for 30 times for public visit with receiving a total of 731,000 Hong Kong citizens.

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