Japan’s denial of history a sign of cowardice

China Military
Huang Panyue

BEIJING, Mar. 20 (ChinaMil) -- The Nanjing Massacre, the war crimes of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against the residents of China's Nanjing City during the Second Sino-Japanese War, is a historical event widely recognized by the international community with countless evidences.

However, Japan's right-wing forces have repeatedly denied the Nanjing Massacre, showing us their inner fear and timidity.

Not long ago, a Chinese reporter went to Sapporo of Japan to cover the 8th Asian Winter Games. The biggest off-site news is that APA hotel, the official hotel of the 8th Asian Winter Games, placed publicity materials that deny the war crimes of Japan. The publicity materials are from Toshio Motoya, owner of the APA hotel.

Right after the winter games, Toshio Motoya criticized the famous Japanese writer Murakami Haruki’s latest book "Killing Commendatore".

In the book, Murakami Haruki clearly mentioned that the Japanese army conducted the massacre in Nanjing. Haruki wrote that "although there is a disagreement on the number of victims, what is the difference?"

Such "moderate" position still touches the Japanese right-wing forces’ sensitive and fragile nerves. They are like a cat that has been trampled on the tail, who angrily jumped up to scratch Murakami Haruki.

Toshio Motoya even said that Murakami Haruki tried to please the Chinese people in order to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. This kind of "reasoning" is simply dumbfounding.

In fact, there is not much remarks similar to Murakami Haruki’s in Japan . The writer's words is like a drop of water in the right-wing forces’ pan, even if there is no instantaneous evaporation, it will trigger "explosive" rebound.

In Sapporo, you can really feel the hospitality, respectfulness and thoughtfulness of the ordinary Japanese, but we don’t know what kind of views the ordinary Japanese people have regarding the history of the war of aggression.

Such worries are not without basis. During the Asian Winter Games, the funding issue of a Japanese kindergarten was covered by the Japanese media and the matter also involved Prime Minister Abe’s wife. The kindergarten education method is reminiscent of Japan’s practice before the World War II.

We have seen the repeated denial of the Nanjing Massacre by the Japanese right-wing forces. Every time, their denial is like a razor stabbing in the hearts and souls of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre and the future generations.

But every time they deny history, we can see their fear and timidity.

They do not have courage to face history of the Japanese invaders caused heavy damage to countless people of the Asia-Pacific region. The crime of aggression is terrible and abominable and it is equally shameful and hateful to deny the crime of aggression.

They do not have courage to face the reality. When the German people and politicians used sincere repentance to win the understanding of the world, the Japanese right-wing forces and their politicians are trying to cover up history. They try to use the so-called "accuracy" to overthrow the historical facts of the Nanjing Massacre.

They cannot even bear the setup of "Comfort Woman" Statue in South Korea. However, Germany preserves many sites to display the crimes of the Nazi during World War II. The measures of dealing with crimes in the past vary too much between Germany and Japan.

They do not have courage to face the future. The Japanese right-wing forces seem to feel that Japan can embrace the future when repeatedly deny the history. As we all know, Japan cannot act like a ostrich in the desert who buries its small head in the sand when heading for a new future.

The Chinese People are always tolerant to their Japanese neighbor. But they really hope that the Japanese right-wing forces can show even a little bit of courage to frankly and earnestly look at the historical issues and sincerely apologize.

As the saying goes, when you make peace with the past, you can embrace the future. We hope that the Japanese right-wing forces can learn something from this. 

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