Industrial park to commercialize military technology

Zhang Tao

An industrial park for businesses that produce civilian aviation products using military aviation technologies was opened in Huanggu district, Shenyang city on March 6.

The industrial park will serve as a comprehensive service platform for scientific research, production, aviation technology commercialization and informatization.

In Guanggu district of Shenyang city, another industrial park with a focus on the integration of military technology with civilian products has successfully commenced operations.

The Junwei industrial park has developed over 160 categories of thermal batteries and 30 categories of lithium batteries, resulting in 11 patents and independent intellectual property rights. A complete industrial chain for producing thermal batteries and lithium batteries is gradually taking shape at the Junwei industrial park.

The newly established industrial park, together with the Junwei industrial park is expected to boost the development of the transformation of scientific achievements, and the integration of military technology with civilian products.


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