PLA Daily: PLA Air Force more open and confident


China Military
Zhang Tao


BEIJING, Feb. 22 (ChinaMil) -- The Aero India 2017 was held at an air base in Bangalore from February 14 to 18, in which the PLA Air Force participated for the first time.


It is an important measure to build a long-term and stable new-type military-to-military relation of friendliness and cooperation between China and India and a key step on the PLA Air Force's way toward the world in a more open and confident manner.


International aviation exhibitions are not only a platform to showcase the progress of world aviation technology and the trend of future air equipment, but also an important stage of exchange and cooperation among the air forces of various countries.


From hosting aviation exhibitions to participating in foreign ones, the PLA Air Force is developing steadily with growing openness and confidence.


The first China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) held in Zhuhai in 1996 opened a window for the PLA Air Force to showcase its development achievements to the world.


At the 11th Airshow China last year, 18 types of aircraft, 39 types of auxiliary weapons and vehicles and more than 110 pieces of main battle equipment were exhibited, 50 percent of which are for the first time. The PLA Air Force showcased its development achievements to the world with a more open attitude than ever.


When J-20 fighter jets fleeted over the spectators, the whole world witnessed the PLA Air Force's growing strength and confidence.


In August 2013, the Bayi Aerobatics Team of the PLA Air Force flew abroad for the first time to participate in the MAKS International Aviation and Space Show in Moscow, Russia. Since then, it has also participated in the Paris Air Show, Farnborough International Airshow and Berlin Air Show.


By participating in such activities as China-foreign joint exercises and training, international pilot contest, overseas rescue missions and international military exchanges, the PLA Air Force steamrolls toward the world.


Its vision has been broadened and realistic training level improved, and it has won the respect and acclaim from international counterparts for its outstanding performances.


At first the PLA Air Force had only a small number of homemade military aircraft and a lot of Russia-made equipment, but in recent years, it has exhibited series of homemade main battle equipment, and even participated in Aero India for the first time.


Instead of hiding its light in the bushel, the PLA Air Force is confidently opening itself to the world and squarely facing judgment.


Nowadays air forces in all countries of the world are transforming at a fast pace. To achieve leapfrog development, the Chinese Air Force needs to go out more.


Only by keeping abreast with the times, following the trend of global military reform and communicating more with international counterparts can it become more capable of carrying out various military missions in the vast space.


In face of the increasingly complicated national security situation, it is necessary for the Chinese Air Force to go global in order to better safeguard national sovereignty, security and development.


Meanwhile, as an important force for preserving world and regional peace, China also has to go global to provide public security products for the peace and development of humankind.


In today's world, security issue has gone beyond national boundaries and sustained and effective cross-border security cooperation is imperative. Air forces are playing an ever bigger role in dealing with cross-border security challenges.


By expanding the scope of cooperation with foreign air forces, the PLA Air Force is giving the Chinese people more confidence and the world more assurance. That's the value of its striding toward the world.

本文作者:空军指挥学院 董栓柱。翻译:中国军网。

The article is written in Chinese by Dong Shuangzhu from the PLA Air Force Command College, translated by China Military.


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