Taiwan scrambles jets as PLA aircraft carrier crosses Taiwan Straits

Global Times
Zhang Tao

Chinese mainland's aircraft carrier Liaoning is crossing the Taiwan Straits and Taiwan's "defense ministry" claimed that it will keep monitoring the situation seriously, Taiwan's media reported on Tuesday.

The People's Liberation Army Navy's aircraft carrier Liaoning started to cross the Taiwan Straits from the western side at 9:00 pm Tuesday, and Taiwan scrambled IDF fighter jets from Ching-Chuan-Kang Air Base for airborne alert, according to Taiwan-based news website udn.com.

Chen Chung-chi, a spokesperson of Taiwan's "defense ministry," neither confirmed nor denied the information about Liaoning, claiming that the "defense ministry" will keep monitoring the situation and will release the information at an appropriate time.

An anonymous official told udn.com that Taiwan sent a Successful class frigate from 146 fleet to the eastern side of Taiwan Straits to follow the Liaoning. An E-2C early warning plane was also sent to the area. Liaoning’ s movement will be transmitted to the Hengshan Military Command Center, and Taiwan’s “defense minister” Feng Shih-kuan has reached the Hengshan Military Command Center.

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