Journalist Protection in Conflict Areas Course 2016 ends in Hellas

Zhang Tao


From 14th to 18th of November 2016, the Greek Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Centre (MPSOTC), conducted in Kilkis the "Journalist Protection in Conflict Areas Course".

The training was attended by 21 Nigerians, 13 Greeks and two Chinese journalists. During the Course they received basic academic and legal knowledge on war correspondence, and they also got practical training in self-defence, first-aid, and dealing with explosive devices.

Moreover, they were informed about the risks and dangers that they may face in conflict areas, tips on how to manage them.

Finally, they got familiar with the risks of a possible hostage situation.

The Course was organized after an initiative of Greece, at a UN's request, inresponse of taking measures to increase the safety of media workers afterthe dramatic increase in threats against them throughout the world.

The MPSOTC is a Greek Training Centre certified by NATO and the UN, and its mission is to provide academic and practical field training at national and multinational level. In its 18 years of operation, it has trained more than 3400 Greek and multinational participants, both military and civilians, always fulfilling the recognized education standards as defined by the UN, NATO, EU and OSCE.

Through MPSOTC’s Courses is achieved the upgrade of the level of training of the Greek Armed Forces, the delivery of certified knowledge to civilians and military personnel, while strengthening the understanding, friendship and cooperation with other countries.

Colonel Dong Zhaohui, a military journalist from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Daily, delivers a speech at the closing ceremony of the "Journalist Protection in Conflict Areas Course", Kilkis, November 18,2016.

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