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New crossbow shoots with great accuracy


  At the beginning of the new year, the reporters witnessed at the multi-functional drilling ground of the 3rd Detachment of the Armed Police Yunnan Contingent a comprehensive exercise staged by the special service team members of the detachment with new crossbows.

  Jia Xinhua, a crossbowman, told the reporters that in the cold weapon age, the bows could inflict great lethality and kill the targets in the remote distance accurately. Therefore, it was one of the outstanding achievements of ancient engineering technologies and is considered the equal of the rifle in modern times. Nowadays, as far as dealing with terrorists is concerned, weapons of mass destruction are often of no avail, while the soft killing ones can play a big role. The crossbow not only can give a deadly blow to the terrorists, but also has no risk of detonating any explosives. Hence the terrorist events could be nipped in the bud.

  The new type of crossbow used by the armed police special service troops has a control mechanism, which allows the time-delay shooting. The crossbowman doesn't need to aim at the target while drawing the bowstring, which makes it easier for him to grasp the right shooting opportunity.

  By Guo Anying and Liu Erbu

  (Feb.5, PLA Daily)