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Army aviation regiment intensifies make-up training to overcome weak points


  On December 8, Li Jun, commander of an army aviation regiment of the Shenyang Military Area Command (MAC), who was organizing a tactical flight training at an airport in southern Liaoning Province told the reporter that, up to the day before that day, his regiment had organized a total of 147 flights with over 4,000 safety flying hours, and had fulfilled the annual flying training time quota by 106.7%.

  Since the beginning of this year, this regiment has organized its troops to conduct long-range ferry flight training in large organic air fleet, and fulfilled the first rocket attack training of a certain type of transport plane after its retrofitting as well as the first training of armed helicopter attacking moving targets with missiles and rockets. In addition, it also organized a number of extreme difficult tactical trainings, such as offshore zero feet formation flying, and offshore firepower attack, etc. By mid-October, the regiment had already fulfilled the annual flight training time quota. That means it accomplished the training tasks two months ahead of time.

  What shall be done next after the completion of the training task ahead of time? The leaders of the regiment Party committee put their heads together and unified their thinking: Such a rare opportunity should be fully used to push ahead with the training and raise the fighting capacity of its troops to a higher level. Having reached this common understanding, the regiment made good use of the opportunity to carry out make-up trainings to rectify the weak points in training. At the same time, it also let tactical flight training run through the whole flying training process. In early November, it took the initiative to participate in a confrontation exercise under information conditions. On that day, eight fighters of the regiment formed a task force to implement a long-range raid mission. Right after arriving at the designated airspace, the task force accomplished the aerial mine-laying mission at lightening speed.

  By Yan Jun and Shi Binxin

  (Dec.27, PLA Daily)