All 17 Chinese PLA teams to IAG 2021 arrive at contest venues

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2021-08-19 19:36:11

BEIJING, Aug. 19 -- As the Chinese air force Y-20 transport aircraft carrying a Chinese team to participate in the "Depth" event of the International Army Games (IAG) 2021 landed in the Chabahar airport in Iran on the morning of August 17, local time, more than 700 members of all 17 Chinese teams for the IAG 2021 have arrived at contest venues together with their weapons and equipment.

The 17 teams from the PLA Army, Navy, Air Force, Strategic Support Force, and Joint Logistics Support Force will compete in 17 events in Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Iran respectively. 

It is the first time for the Chinese PLA Strategic Support Force and Joint Logistics Support Force to send teams to international military competions abroad. They will participate in "Meridian", the event among specialists of the military topographic service, "Masters of Armored Vehicles", the event among vehicle crews, and "Military Rally", the event among armored vehicle crews .

In response to the impact of the pandemic and the IAG competition arrangement, the PLA has adjusted the transportation of participating troops and equipment accordingly. The Chinese participating troops were mainly transported by military aircraft in a point-to-point manner. All the teams maneuvered to the designated delivery points by rail, sea, or air transportation, before assembling and being delivered abroad by multiple and long-haul flights.

 This year is the eighth consecutive year that the PLA has participated in the IAG. This international military event has become an important platform for the Chinese military and the militaries of other countries to learn from each other, cooperate closely, enhance mutual trust, and deepen friendship.


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