The power of faith


On March 30, 2018, soldiers from the 10th Squadron of the 4th Detachment of the Shanghai Corps of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force visit elders living at a nursing home in Huangpu District, Shanghai. (Photo by Jie Yifan/Xinhua News Agency)

Since late 2017, Yang Zenan, political instructor of the 10th Squadron and member of the poverty alleviation team dispatched by the Armed Police Shanghai Corps, has been to the Sede village of Lushui City in Nujiang Lisu ethnic autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province, three times to provide paired assistance.

Yang knows that building strong Party organizations on the community level is the first and fundamental step to help the villagers step out of poverty once and for all. Every time he went to Sede village, he’d give a lecture on the Party history to the Party members and villagers.

At one lecture, a villager asked him, “what exactly were the First and the Second CPC National Congress like?”

That question inspired Yang to give the villagers a lecture on the Party history via video link.

Thanks to his coordination, the villagers had a “cloud tour” of the Memorial for the Site of the First National Congress of the CPC and the Memorial for the Site of the Second National Congress of the CPC via their cell phones, which gave them more direct perception of the glorious history of the Party.

In April 2020, Sede village was taken out of the poverty list. In late May last year, Yang Zenan returned to the Sede village again to see the villagers. When he was about to leave, a little girl named Qiao Yan held his hand and said, “thank you. When I grow up, I’ll help others just like you do.”

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Source:China Military Online