Ethnic groups tour CPC museum in Beijing on eve of centenary

A delegation of representatives from ethnic groups across the country visit the Museum of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, on Wednesday. [Photo by Wang Zhuangfei/]

As the head of a nursing home that has more than 80 elderly people to care for, he said their lives have become increasingly better with abundant food and clothes. "Without the Party, there wouldn't be such a happy life," he said.

Dawa Phuntsok, head of Zanda county in the Ngari Prefecture of the Tibet autonomous region, said by browsing the pictures and objects one by one, he fully experienced the historic achievements made by the CPC in the past 100 years and felt "extremely proud".

He said the material and spiritual life of people in his area has been greatly enriched and undergone remarkable changes. In the exhibition, he noticed a section telling the story of how Tibet was liberated from serfdom and how local farmers started to own the land they farmed.

"The CPC was born for people, has served people wholeheartedly and been determined to seek happiness for people and contribute to the Chinese nation," he said.

"It was thanks to the CPC that Tibet has seen radical changes and achieved unprecedented progress, so Tibetan people are grateful to the Party from the bottom of their hearts," he added.

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Source:China Daily