In China, I witness a country full of vigor and vitality|CPC in eyes of foreign military students

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Li Wei
2021-06-11 10:51:31

Editor's Note: Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China has worked with all other countries to build a community with a shared future for mankind, which has boosted confidence and added impetus for development of Asia and the world. For the celebration of the 100th funding anniversary of the CPC, we are launching the “CPC in eyes of foreign military students” series, viewing China and CPC from the perspective of foreign soldiers.

By First Lieutenant Itoua-Zondea Paul Cheryl Eder from the Republic of the Congo

I'm a post-95s from Africa. When I turned 18 in 2013, my father said I should set a good example for my little brother and sister, so he sent me to study in China – the most vibrant country in the world. During my first year here, I visited cities with historical interests, such as Beijing and Xi'an, where I witnessed the heroic spirit of Great Wall and grand sight of terracotta warriors. In a nutshell, I was fascinated by the profound civilization of this ancient country.

In 2019, I got another chance to study in China, and this time, the school – the PLA Army Logistics University – arranged for us to visit Shanghai. With its rows upon rows of high-rises and roads bustling with heavy traffic, the city struck me as extremely vibrant and vigorous.

In Shanghai, we visited a small building, and it interested me because homely as it is, it attracted a lot of tourists. As soon as I stepped into the building, a red flag came into my sight. Our interpreter told me it is the flag of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and the 1st CPC National Congress was held in the building. We took turns to have our photos taken in front of the Party flag and listened carefully to stories about the foundation of the CPC. Those inspiring historical events filled me with respect and admiration.

When my fiancée came to visit me last January, the COVID-19 pandemic had just broken out in China, and we were quarantined together for 14 days, during which I told her about China’s history and culture and its amazing development achievements made in the past few decades under the leadership of the CPC. Both my fiancée and I were confident in China’s ability to address the challenges brought by the pandemic, firmly believing that nothing could stop the great Chinese people. What happened later proved us correct.

Today, I'm back in my home country, but my bond with China cannot be severed though we are far apart. On March 10, the Republic of the Congo received the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine assistance, which was provided by China, our long-standing friend. Hearing this, I applied for inoculation immediately. Seeing the Chinese national flag on the vaccine package, I couldn’t help thinking about the red flag in the little building in Shanghai, and once again felt assured and confident as I did when I was in China.

In China, we can feel the sincere friendship. My little twin brothers came of age this year. As the big brother, I advised them to begin studying Chinese. In my opinion, young Africans today should visit China in person if they ever have the opportunity – to see the hard-working Chinese people and the prosperous and resilient China after overcoming difficulties one after another. I’m sure China will walk into a brighter future.

(This article is based on an interview by the PLA Daily with First Lieutenant Itoua-Zondea Paul Cheryl Eder assigned to Armed Forces of the Republic of the Congo, who had once studied at China's PLA Army Logistics University.)

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