Pancake griddle, the tool used by "Heroic Mother" Deng Yufen to make food for the wounded soldiers of the Eighth Route Army

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-09-14 15:22:24

Deng Yufen (1891-1970) was a lifelong farmer living in the Zhangjiafen Village of Miyun District, Beijing. Her husband and five sons all went to the frontline of fighting the Japanese aggressors.

This pancake griddle was used by Deng to make food for the injured and ill soldiers of the Eighth Route Army. Hard were the times back then! Deng pinched and scraped and used what little grain she saved to make solid food with the pancake griddle for the wounded Eighth Route Army soldiers, so they could get better soon and return to the battlefield to kill more enemies.


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