Chinese troops consecutively achieve good results in IAG 2020

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-08-28 21:19:34

By Tian Dingyu and Zhang Xiao

Chinese service members engage in tire replacement operations in the workshop crew contest under the “Masters of Armored Vehicles” competition on August 25th. Photo from Xinhua Agency.

MOSCOW, Aug. 28 -- The International Army Games 2020 (IAG 2020) entered its sixth day of competition on August 28. Chinese participating troops made great achievements in various events.

At the opening ceremony of the IAG 2020 on August 23, the Chinese team got a good start in the “Tank Biathlon” contest kicking off first on that day in Alabino, Russia. The No. 702 Type 96B tank ranked top in the first group competition of the Individual Race stage by the record of 19 minutes and 44 seconds.

On August 24 and 25, the Individual Race and Workshop Crew Contest under the “Masters of Armored Vehicles” contest were held at the training center for junior specialists of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in the city of Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh Region. In the overcoming-water-obstacle event by KAMAZ-5350 transport vehicle in the Individual Race stage, Chinese participant Liu Shuai won the first place.

In the Workshop Crew Contest, it is required that the crews of the maintenance workshop need to drive vehicles through various obstacles, and complete three tasks of precise hoisting, tire replacement, and jacking up tank armor plates. As of August 27, the overall evaluation of the Chinese team's individual vehicle race and the repair group competition ranked second.

On August 26, the shooting competition of the Range Practice under the “Safe Environment” contest kicked off. The shooting competition consists of three shooting courses: ambush, alert, and combat reconnaissance. The two Chinese teams finished second and fourth respectively, winning second place in overall points. Chinese team member Sui Dongjing performed well and won the first place in the ambush shooting race.

Still on August 26, Chinese troops participating in the “Airborne Platoon” contest completed two events of the individual race on combat vehicles. The Chinese team finished second with a total time of 1 hour 5 minutes and 27 seconds, only 5 seconds left behind the the Russian team. Prior to this, they had won the first place in the first event of airborne assembling and rapid march at the Kislovo Airborne Field in Russia.

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